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Bay Roberts Cultural Fundation

Another successful Holdin' Ground Festival has ended for Summer 2013

Photos from the 2013 Holdin' Ground Festival and Klondyke Days >>

Congratulations to Agnes Butler, Marilyn Dawe, and Edmund Dawson, members of the Cultural Foundation Board of Directors, who were each awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to the community.


The Cultural Foundation has been involved in three more activities:

Thanksgiving Sunrise at the Red Fishermen's Shed near Fergus Island. A perfect morning for a walk and breakfast contributed by local businesses. Photos >>

A Lantern Tour of the Halloween Park > >

We are proud to announce that the very successful Story Telling and Traditional Music activity with Kelly Russell and Ray Johnson that was begun last year with Ascension Collegate High School will be continuing this year.

The Cultural Foundation Sponsored another very successful Culture Days on September 28, 29, 30 with the cooperation of the town business community.
Photos from the events:
"A Time in Pigeon Inlet" >>
"How's About a Time"
Mussel Boil - Three Sisters >>
Geocaching Weekend

Photos from Fourth ANNUAL HOLDIN' GROUND FESTIVAL July 9 - Aug 6- 2012 >>
Sponsored by Canadian Heritage, Town of Bay Roberts, Our Sponsors, & Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation

Photos from the new Summer production of “How’s About A Time?” > >
A Night of Newfoundland Comedy by Nick Mercer & Kim Wiseman. FEATURING The Mad Rock Theatre Troupe Directed by Michele Gosse Dove. Victoria LOL#3 Museum & Playhouse, Patterson Street,

Press Realease - Ted Russell Legacy Activity

Kelly Russell and Ray Johnson to Work with High School Students to Create Oral Stories and Recitations

The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, with financial support from the Provincial Commemorations Program, have organized a Ted Russell Legacy Activity for two Theatre Arts Classes at Ascension Collegiate. The objective of this Activity is to encourage high school students in the writing of recitations and oral stories in the spirit of the works of local native son Ted Russell, a Person of Provincial Significance.

Throughout the month of February, renowned musicians and story tellers, Kelly Russell, Ted Russell's son, and Ray Johnson of "Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers" will work with students to help them create stories with   characters, situations and issues reflecting traditional lifestyles and values. By the end of the month, it is not only hoped that the students will have a number of new pieces to present, but there will be a renewed interest in this art form. 



Marilyn Dawe
Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation
(709) 786-9394


Heritage Canada Funding for 2012 Holdin' Ground Festival


Heritage Canada funding for Holdin Ground Festival

The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation is very thankful to Heritage Canada for funding the "Holdin' Ground Festival" for 2012 through Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage. For 2009 and 2010, Heritage Canada funding enabled the Foundation to put in place a number of events that we will be continuing in 2011. In addition, we will be using the funding to develop new events and activities, which we hope local citizens and visitors will participate in and enjoy.

Planned events include: "A Time in Pigeon Inlet," Hauntings, Heritage Geochaching, Shoreline Heritage Trail Musical Performances, The Haunting - Ghost Stories, Mussel Boil at the Three Sisters, an Old Time Community Concert, Unveiling of Wayside Signs, a display works by Bay Roberts writers at the Bay Roberts Public Library, and traditional music concerts at various locations.


June 8th, 2011 - The BRCF is very pleased that the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has recognized Ted Russell, who was born in Coley's Point and who was nominated by the Foundation, as a Person of Provincial Significance. Website descibing Ted Russell's contribution > >



The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation held a very successful 'Old Time Concert at St. John: the Evangelist Hall, Coley's Point on Wednesday, May 25th. Jointly sponsored by Newfoundland Heritage Foundation's Intangible Cultural Heritage [ICH] & the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation. Another one is planned during Holdin' Ground Festival 2011





Last Year's Culture Days
Sept 24-25, 2010

Photos from Canadian Culture Days Events.
Thank you to each person who participated especially to each sponsor.

Photos from Labrador Fishery Film Festival
at the Amalgamated Academy > >

Photos from Techniques of Pigeon Inlet Quilters
at the Bay Roberts Visitor Information Centre > >

Salt-Water Moon by David French > >

Friday, Sept 24th - Sponsor
Moores Andrews Collins Law

Tel: 786-7114 or 596-3202 -
Saturday, Sept 25th - Sponsors
Ruth Brown - Clarke Real Estate
Tel: 683-5760 -
Pam Norman
- Exit Realty
Tel: 683-8676
Churchill's Home Hardware - Tel: 786-6681
Harbour International
Tel: 786-9093 -


During the Labrador Fishery Film Festival, chidren from the Amalgamated Academy read verses from "Smokeroom on the Kyle" by Ted Russell becuase the SSKyle was such an essential part of the Labrador Fishery.

Smokeroom on the Kyle [PDF] > >
Labrador Fishery [PDF] > >
Salt-Water Moon by David French > >


A Successful Summer Season 2010 .

Here are a few of the events:


In March 2010, there were a number of events.

Heritage Canada Funding for 2010 Holdin' Ground Festival

Heritage Canada Funding for 2010 Holdin' Ground Festival


Strategic Planning Session facilitated by M-RON - March 22, 2010.


Strategic Planning Session facilitated by M-RON - the Regional Economic Development Board (REDB) for Zone 17 - March 22, 2010.

Karen Davis - M-RON Facilitator from M-RON
Karen Davis, CEO of facilitator from M-RON Heather Tite, Capacity Building Officer facilitator from M-RON
Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation Members Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation Members
(l-r) Agnes Butler, Sandra Roach (General Manager), Marilyn Dawe, Margaret Ayad (l-r) Ruth Murray, Clarence Mercer (Chairperson) Ron Delaney (Vice-Chairperson)


The Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation held an all day strategic planning session facilitated by Karen Davis and Heather Tite of M-RON on March 22, 2010 at the Search and Rescue Building in Bay Roberts. Clarence Mercer (Chairperson), Ron Delaney (Vice Chairperson), Margaret Ayad, Marilyn Dawe, Ruth Murray, and Agnes Butler were present from the Board of Directors. Sandra Roach, General Manager, was also present. (Harold Stanford and Edmund Dawson were unable to attend due to previous commitments.)


Because all the objectives that the group had delineated in the a strategic planning session three years ago had been attained and because of the recent Foundation status, the Board of Directors decided it was time to plan for the next phase of development. .

A new plan was developed with the assistance of Karen Davis and Heather Tite of M-RON. The plan, which will be discussed in more detail over the coming weeks and months, will give the Foundation direction over the next three to five years.

Joint Meeting with Town of Bay Roberts Committees - March 24, 2010.

. Because Bay Roberts is such an active community with so many volunteer committees, the Town decided to host a Joint Meeting of Town Committees opering under the department of rec..., including the Recreation Committee, the Green Committee, the Special Events Committee, the Tourism Committee, and the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation in preparation for this summer's events.


Everyone at the meeting agreed that similar meetings should be held at least twice a year, so that everyone will be aware of all the events happening in the community, and the group would be able to make common decisions that would be helpful to everyone. It was agreed to work on a common online calendar, where each group could enter its events and meetings. In addition, it was agreed that all committee members from the town would wear red jackets at town events. At the present time, although all jackets are similar in style, each committee has its own colour. Committee members felt that community members would be better able to identify people for information and help, if all jackets were red.


Councilor Mercer noted all the awards that the town has won over the past year including:

  • 2009 Tidy Towns of Newfoundland and Labrador Award for Population category of over 3500 from Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador. The town tied with Clarenville for this award,
  • 2009 Torngat Municipal Achievement Award in the category of Environmental Sustainability, jointly with the town of Spaniard's Bay for their efforts on the Shearstown Estuary
  • 2009 Academy for Mathematics & Science (owner, Karen Attwood), a sponsor of the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, won the CBDC Trinity Conception 2009 Business Distinction Award.
  • 2010 National Winter Lights Celebration Mentoring Award
  • 2010 Nation Winter Lights Circle of Excellence 5 Star Award for Residential Lighting Displays
  • 2010 Kelly Russell, who was nominated by the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, received the province's first "Tradition Bearer" award.
  • 2010 Atlantic Grocery Distributors of Bay Roberts were presented with the PRIDE Award by Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador
Ron Delaney, Director of Development, Tourism and Recreation, Town of Bay Roberts Councilor Clarence Mercer
Ron Delaney, Vice Chairperson, Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation and Director for Development, Tourism and Recreation for the Town of Bay Roberts
Councilor Clarence Mercer, Chairperson, Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, and Chairperson of the Tourism Committee, Council Liason to Special Events Committee.


Joint Committee Meeting Marilyn Dawe
Ron Delaney and Clarence Mercer chatting with various volunteers in attendance.
Marilyn Dawe, newest member of the Board of Directors of the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation, volunteering with the Bay Roberts Heritage Society and the Bay Roberts Heritage Advisory Committee

Annual General Meeting

The First Annual General Meeting of the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation was held at the Bay Roberts Town Office, on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 starting at 9:00am. At that time, an audited financial statement, prepared by Calvin Dawe and Associates, was presented.

If you would like detailed information about the Annual General Meeting, please contact Sandra Roach: or call: 709-683-1195

Clarence Mercer
Clarence Mercer, Chair
Ron Delaney
Ron Delaney, Vice-Chair
AGM-March 31, 2010
2010 AGM - March 31st
AGM-March31, 2010
Ruth Murray and Sandra Dawe

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